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Private Math Tutoring, Test Prep, English and Science Lessons in Bergen County NJ



Looking for a math or science subject matter expert to help high school, or middle school students prepare for you midterm or final exam? Tutoring Services, LLC helps you find the right tutoring candidate who can help you with your academic subject such as English, Biology, Science, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics or any other subject. Hiring right subject matter expert means a lot to every parent and we are here to help parents get the right academic expert. Our private tutors are professionals who are either certified teachers, professors, instructors or subject matter experts, from nearby colleges and universities in the county of Bergen County and  Westchester  NY and Fairfield County CT . We have variety of k-12 Academic Tutors and professional subject matter experts who and can help your child to complete their homework directly after school in person in your very own home in Bergen county New Jersey, Westchester County NY or nearby Fairfield County CT area.




Bergen County Areas where instructors can tutor A through H

Allendale Closter Elmwood Park Fort Lee
Alpine Cresskill Emerson Franklin Lakes
Bergenfield Demarest Englewood Garfield
Bogota Dumont Englewood Cliffs Glen Rock
Carlstadt East Rutherford Fair Lawn Hackensack
Cliffside Park Edgewater Fairview Harrington Park


H through R cities/towns/areas

Hasbrouck Heights Lodi Moonachie Old Tappan
Haworth Lyndhurst New Milford Oradell
Hillsdale Mahwah North Arlington Palisades Park
Ho-Ho-Kus Maywood Northvale Paramus
Leonia Midland Norwood Park Ridge
Little Ferry Montvale Oakland Ramsey

R through Y cities/towns/areas

Ridgefield Rockleigh Teterboro Woodcliff Lake
Ridgefield Park Rutherford Upper Saddle River Wood-Ridge
Ridgewood Saddle Brook Waldwick  Wyckoff
River Edge South Hackensack Wallington
River Vale Teaneck Washington
Rochelle Park Tenafly Westwood


If you did not see your city/town contact us we can help you find the tutor in any city/town of Bergen County NJ.


Is your child attending any of the schools above or any other cities in Bergen County NJ

Find out Reviews and Ratinges for NJ, NY and CT Schools, teachers and professors here.



About our Academic Tutoring Services

Our company has been around since 2008 and specializes in academic test prep, home and online tutoring for elementary, middle school and high school grade level students ranging all the way from k to 12 and all the way up to college and graduate level as well as adult tutoring and training. Our goal is to make educational affordable, helping Bergen County NJ students save money on college textbooks, helping students find the right school that is highly rated, offer opportunity for students to review school and teacher/professor ratings prior to joining school, as well as helping students to choose from the best collection of academic study guides. Areas where we offer our services include Metropolitan North East Tri State area of NJ, NY and Connecticut.  We cover areas of Bergen county New Jersey, neighboring Westchester County NY, Fairfield and New Haven Counties in Connecticut.  We provide reliable academic home tutors in your area for affordable and best price. 


Science Chemistry, Biology and Physics does not have to be hard! Our subject matter experts in Hackensack, River Edge, Paramus, Teaneck and other areas of Bergen County NJ

Does your son or daughter struggle in school or want to get ahead of other school students in math, English and Science Academic subjects or prepare for standardized high school entrance test or college? We got you covered! Our private home tutors in New York and CT can come directly to your home and help you with your academic subject. Our private home tutors specialize in elementary reading and writing, middle school science, high school math and even College organic and inorganic Chemistry. We have math, chemistry, physics and biology subject matter experts who are capable of helping you or your child get ahead in school and tackle difficult math questions and science problems and not be afraid of complex mathematics questions, scientific formulas or complex concepts. With the right teacher by your desk it’s easy to understand even the most complex topics. Don’t wait before your son or daughter gets a bad grade and calls us from the top number above on the right hand side of this page, and we will help you find the right match.


Location of Tutoring Services and Private Home Tutoring Prices in  Bergen Count NJ New York and Connecticut

          Our instructors can provide private home tutoring services directly in student's home in any of the towns, cities of Bergen County NJ and Westchester County, local library, or starbucks or online.  Our agency allows instructors declare their own hourly rate, instead of telling tutors what rate to chose and therefore prices of Bergen County Tutors strictly depends on the instructor overall skill set, educational qualification and tutoring experience.  Pricing is always different for professional tutors depending on grade level and subject for which tutoring services in Bergen County NJ are provided.

      Some of our tutors are certified teachers and others are categorized as subject matter experts.  Hence Professors/College Students/Local College Instructors consdered as subject matter experts.  Anyone who is not ceritifed to teach for the state of ,New Jersey CT or NY is considered as subject matter expert. Since we let market declare the rate and provide flexibility for students and parents/guardians to compare instructor prices side by side, pricing of each tutor may provide higher level of affordability that is flexible for parent's/studen's needs.  You can find detailed pricing for specific instructor in their tutoring profile. 



Our Bergen County NJ instructors offer affordable prices, ensure you review instructors' discount packages!



      To see prices of local Tutors in Bergen County NJ simply browse academic or test prep subject (in the right menu of this page) of interest on this Bergen Tutoring Services site, for example if you are looking for Algebra, or english subject and if instructor is registered on our site, then such local tutor would be shown in corresponding subject where students can view tutor's short profile.

Discount Packages for parents who are looking for savings

Don't forget when viewing prices of tutors in Paramus, Hackensack, River Edge, Teaneck and Fort Lee to review tutor discount packages in Bergen County NJ offered by such local tutors, where the more tutoring sessions you buy the more you save.  Make sure to read full tutor's profile info prior to making your decision whether or not local tutor is right for your son or daughter.  You can always contact us by the phone number on the top right corner of this site where you can discuss your educational needs with us and we can help you find local and affordable tutor within your budget or even recommend study guide materials that can also be helpfull in addition local tutoring.  

Have custom tutoring match making need? We can help you find local tutor based on your price budget.   

     If you do not see tutor you are looking for on this site we can help you find one and recruit one based on your price budget in Paramus, Fort Lee, Hackensack, Teaneck. Keep in mind typically Bergen County may have unique tutoring needs, and it's impossible to have all of the tutors neatly available and listed on our site, this is due to high quality of our match making process which involves rigorous enrollment procedures to ensure tutors who we match make you are high quality.  All that is needed from you is to contact us by the phone number at the top right corner.

     Obviously if you prefer not to have our Tutoring Services, LLC agency to pre screen any of the Bergen County tutors for your son or daugher and help you find high quality tutor in any of the cities of Paramus, Fair Lawn, Teaneck, Hackensack, Fort Lee, or other areas of Bergen County within your budget based on custom match making child's need and instead prefer to simply negotiate your tutoring needs direcly with any independent Bergen county tutors who are not managed by our company in anyway shape or form with our tutoring agency, then there are many other tutoring sites out there that you can visit including our sister site, however keep in mind many of such sites do not provide phone support, and charge insane agency recurring comission fees, however they do have 1000s of tutors listed, many of which are not pre-screened what so ever or interviewed.  

         So question you should ask your self when you find such sites are as follows, how much parent would pay to the agency and how much of that pay would go to tutor?  Make sure you ask that question when contacing any agency, and chose Tutoring Agency that offers lowest tutoring comission fee.  Or if you want to completely avoid middle man and not have to bother with paying any agency comission recurring fees and instead want to work with tutor without any agency comission fees in the middle, then visit our sister site however keep in mind there is no high quality tutoring match involved, no phone support, no custom match making based on price budget, no tutorind discount packages in profiles, and no help from our agency.


Why searching for local tutor without agency's helps may end up costing you more money

          When it comes to choosing professional tutor in Bergen County NJ on your own without the help of the Tutoring Services, LLC agency, outcome of such search can be more riskier then with the help of the agency, since tutors on our sister  site are not rigorously pre-screened, plus you would have to pay $15 to exchange personal contact info with any of the tutors that you find on our sister site

However good news is that $15 would go directly to our agency to help us maintain our site.  Plus get other benefits as described here.

So how does our agency help tutor and student in this case?

For helping tutor with obtaining student lead, local Bergen county NJ tutors would provide first 1 hour lesson FREE of charge (note student does not get FREE session, tutor provides it for free, however student still pays $15 to the agency if parent proceeds with option 2), in which case no recurring tutoring agency comission fee is involved, tutors are happy and parents are happy, and no middle man to deal with taking away Students's/parent's precious money from every hour teacher tutored, it's a win/win/win situation for parent of the student, tutor and the agency.  

             Agency gets paid $15, Tutor Gets Student lead and makes money and therefore subsequentially charges Bergen County parent/guardian less money for every hour tutored then any other tutor provided by any local Bergen County tutoring agencies, resulting in attractive pricing for local Bergen County tutor.  

So why would our Tutoring Services, LLC Agency provide such option 2 type of tutoring match making service for parents/students and tutors especially since we do not make money on tutoring agency recurring comission fees.  Reason for that is very simple.  We want to help parents of Bergen County NJ save money on tutoring expenses, and to reduce our administrative match making fees.



How Our Tutoring Services, LLC agency can help NJ parents save money on tutoring expenses?

       We can help Bergen County NJ parents/students save money on expensive tutors by providing them 2 options to chose their tutors.  Option 1, with agency's help and Option 2 without agency's help (both having it's own advantages and disadvantages)



To reduce our administrative operational costs (here is the list of match making tasks that we do not do if parent does not pay for tutoring comission recurring fee and choses to proceed with option 2)

         By offering such option to Bergen County parents and NJ tutors where everybody wins

  • Wwe do not have to worry about picking up phones answering tutor or studentquestions
  • Trying to find reliable home tutors for Bergen County parent based on parent's needs and updating parent with status of how the match is going
  • We do no have to worry about running background checks in such case and pre-screen candidates rigorously, we do not have to worry about recommending any study guides to Bergen County students to help them prepare better for their Academic test in addition to local tutoring
  • We do not have to worry about helping Bergen County NJ parent find online tutor to save even more money on educational expenses
  • We do not have to worry about posting tutoring jobs on our local tutoring network of educational sites helping Bergen County parents find appropriate tutor candidate for their son or daughter and use the power of our marketing sites to help them find affordable tutor within their price range
  • We do not  have to verify tutor references, or pre-screen tutors over video or by phone, we do not have to worry about time scheduling
  • We do no have to trace down student payments
  • We do not have to worry about having tutors create intro videos of themselves to demonstrate who they are before before parent hires them
  • We do not have to worry about giving video conferencing option for Bergen County parent to meet tutor before they show up at their home over IPAD/Surface PRO or other devices, we do not have to basically do many adminisrative match making tasks if you proceed with option 2 type of tutoring service.

           However if you chose our high quality tutoring option 1 we can most certainly do many of these administrative tasks listed above.  We think that showing Bergen County NJ parents what tutoring agency comission fee involves doing and what services our agency can  offer for such fee makes total sense, because it will help Bergen County New Jersey Parent  understand the value of our tutor match making services, and help parents/students decide whether they should get help form our Tutoring Services, LLC agency to find local professional tutor by contacting us over the phone on the top right corner, or instead do not bother getting our help and simply search for tutor on your own as as described in option 1 and have it's own disadvantages.

Many Tutoring Agencies in Bergen County NJ area take shortcuts when helping NJ Parents with finding tutors.

    When match making Bergen County students with tutors these administrative tasks take time, hence is the reason why many other home tutoring agencies sites in New Jersey area never bother doing such administrative match making tasks and end up taking shortcuts,  while still charging parents huge tutoring agency comission fees. 

        So why should you be the victim of such companies? Why contact such companies who have 1000s of tutors listed on their page and stil pay huge comission fees, without getting high quality match making service from an agency that you truly deserve for that fee? 

        Why should you as the parent of a high school, or middle school or elementary or college level student residing in Bergen county NJ pay for tutoring agency comission fee to another company who simply lists tutors on their sites,and does not do any of the administrative tasks mentioned above?  The answer is you should not, unless of course you are not interested in any of the high quality administrative functions that match making tutoring agency provides (if that's the case then option 1is for you).

        Even if you do proceed with option 1 type of tutor match making service.  As you can see that is a lot of administrative tasks for our Tutoring Services, LLC agency has to deal with in order to earn small comission fee from every hour tutor teaches, hence is the reason why we provide 2 options for Bergen County Parent, option 1 and option 2.  Option 1 has the lowest administrative overhead for our tutoring agency and option 2 has the highest administrative overhead for our tutoring agency. 

Regardless which option parent choses our agency benefits in both cases.  If parent choses option 1, then we would have to work with parent to help them find reliable tutor, and spend time doing so resulting in administrative overhead, but would get paid for our services in the form of recurring comission, all included in tutor's hourly rate that parent would pay while simultaneously getting the benefits of high quality tutoring match. 

 If parent choses option 2, then we do not work with the parent and do not deal with administrative overhead, and still make money from small agency $15 fee in order to get the first lesson and exchange personal contact info with the tutor.  In either case we win either way, this is why we decided to provide 2 options for parents, option 1 and 2. 

Which Tutoring option would you pick?

Option 1, Let our agency help you find your tutor

View our Fairfield County Site and how we help Parents there, View our Westchester County site and see how we help parents with their tutor match making needs.  Our message is clear we are here to save parents in CT NY and NJ money!


          Bergen County NJ parents can get get  Help from our Tutoring Services, LLC agency to help them find professional academic local math, science and English tutors in Bergen County, and not pay a lot for comission agency fee, save money with tutoring discount packages, talk to the agent about your tutoring needs, and our agency will help you find the right subject matter expert and perform many of the administrative tasks listed above, thereby providing high quality tutor match making services for Bergen county NJ residents. 

Option 1 is the best if you are ok with paying small recurring comission agency fee to our Tutoring Services, LLC agency in exchange for our high quality match making services. 

         Since many Bergen County NJ residents prefer option 1, we have waiting lists and often can not process parent's requests especially during busy school seasons, however we do give preferences to our long term customers. To find out if your match making need can be met within reasonable time frame contact our agency to speak with the Tutoring Services, LLC agent today.

      Additionalyl this option is not attractive for students/parents if they can not wait or tutor request is urgent.  Since our tutor search is a manual process involving searching through multiple database, job postings on our network of edu sites and rigorous enrollment procedures.

   This option is great since the tutors who we find can mean the difference between high quality education and low quality education, and considering the fact that you want what's best for your child and looking for high quality educationa then paying small agency recurring comission fee should not be an issue for Bergen County resident.  However if you prefer to search on your own, then option 2 is alternative option.


Now that I know what option 1and 2 is, how do i get help from a tutoring agency if I want to chose option 1?

Simple call the phone number on top right corner or search from tutors you find on this very same site  and either contact them or contact our tutoring agency to help you find local home tutor based on your custom match making criteria needs. 

By chosing option 2 you would be process by our Tutoring Services, LLC agency through our central tutoring match making site called CallMyTutor, in fact if you click on any of the tutors from this very same site they would all be navigated to central page called, this site is ran and operated by Tutoring Services, LLC agency designed to provide higher quality match making services for Bergen County NJ area parents. 


or alternatively option 2

Option 2.  Search for tutor on your own, take higher risk no phone support, no custom tutor high quality match

As you can see there are distinct advantages and disadvantages in both options. If Bergen County NJ parent does in fact need our high quality match making tutoring services and does want professional tutor to come to their home in Bergen County  NJ and have better chances of getting reliable home tutor then many of the match making aadministrative functions we can easily do, for a small tutoring agency recurring comission fee of only 25 to 30% from every tutor's hourly rate, which is in fact one of the lowest if not the lowest tutoring agency comission fees in entire Bergen County NJ.

Option 2, is great because you get your first 1 hour Tutoring Session for only $15 by contacting independent Bergen County tutors on our sister site , another reason why it's great is because you do not have to pay tutoring agency comission recurring comission fee (however not paying agency recurring comissions can also a be a bad thing as mentioned here)

Now that I know what option 1and 2 is, how do i get help from a tutoring agency if i want to chose option 2?

           Navigate to if you can't find anyone there in Bergen County NJ then your fall back option is Option 1, which by the way is still the 2nd cheapest option in comparision to any other tutoring agency in entire Bergen County NJ, Westchester count NY, Fairfield or New Haven County CT.  This is all due to our innovative network of local tutoring sites, designed to target specific local area regions helping local NJ | NY and CT residents save money on their educational needs. 

Now that we made the distinction between Option 1 and Option 2, let us help you explain other benefits of why choosing CallMyTutor Tutoring Services, LLC option 1 is in fact the best option for Bergen County residents.

Reason 1.Flexibility of agency to find help in multiple educational sectors

There are lot of match making cases, depending on what your son or daughter is preparing for it may require specific subject matter expert, local or online, or both local and online, or self guided study guide, or combination of it all.

Other reasons include

Reason 2.  Not all students are created equal, meaning some parents may have a need for tutor who can teach math and be also specialized in teaching learning disabled children at elementary level, or have other unique attribute that parent would be looking for in a tutor.

Reason 3.  Parent may want multiple tutors especially in the case of when student is preparing for exam which happens to involve multiple subjects such as Math and English.  This type of match making scenario very common, attempting to get 2 different tutors who are right for your son or daughter can be very tough task espeically if there are unique match making criteria surrounding your request.

Reason 4.  Tutoring Services, LLC provides incentives for subject matter experts who they work with, by giving them opportunities creating content for professional and academic certification exams in the form of study guides, and often hires these very same tutors to work as independent contractors, such tutors have way higher incentive in providing higher quality tutoring services then any other type of tutors.

Reason 5. We hold our tutors accountable by having them sign contracts and many other reasons to ensure that there is some level of consequences in place in the event service did not got as expected.

Reason 6. Working with agency is much easier especially since, hiring local tutor on your own, especially if you have multiple children can be extremely time consuming task.

    If you read these reasons 1 through 5 and understand the difference between why simply finding tutor online on one of the sites with 1000s of tutors listed may not be a good idea in your specific circumstance,  then option 1 is the right option for you. 

How to determine if Tutoring Agency in Bergen County is right for you.


       When determening if the tutoring agency is right for you, always consider checking how Tutoring Agency charges Bergen County parent for their match making tutoring services, note some companies don't charge any recurring agency fees at all, in fact we have such option for Bergen County NJ parent where we do not charge any tutoring agency recurring comission fee, visit our Bergen County NJ independent tutor listings here to see if any of these local county tutors are right for you.  

     If you see for example that tutor gets paid 20 dollars and agency charges $30 or more then this is a red flag, and that you should not be working with such agency to hire your local tutor and better off to simply search for tutor on your own.  If you do see tutoring agency that pays their tutor for example $20 and charges you less then $30 per hour, hen this is a bargain price.  

        Unfortunately many local home tutoring agencies in Ridgefiled Park, Palisades Park, Bogota, Teaneck, Leonia, Englewood, Fort Lee or other areas of Bergen County NJ simply can't pay their tutors that much and must charge parents/guardians miniumum 40% to 60% and in some case even higher agency tutoring fees.  Our comission fees are very low in comparision to any other agency, we only charge 30% on top of tutor's hourly rate, and 25% if student buys tutoring discount package as an incentive for tutor to buy more, plus our tutors provide also tutoring discounts to get even bigger savings!    Other companies simply can't compete with that price.  

        Note agency fee is not the only thing you should consider when hiring a tutor, the most important part is tutor's skill level, educational experience, qualifications, our custom local home tutoring match making site is specifically designed to cross compare tutors side by side and make it easy for parents to chose the right tutor.  



Breakdancing Private Lessons for New Jersey Bergen County Studens and Adults

     Wow what?  Tutoring Services and breakdancing for kids and adults in Bergen County NJ, Ridgefiled Park, Palisades Park, Bogota, Teaneck, Leonia, Englewood, Fort Lee, Paramus and  other cities/towns?  That's right in addtion to academic test prep we provide, fitness program for kids.  If you are looking for breakdancing Lessons in Bergen County NJ then don't hesitate to contact our agency to help you get matched with professional breakdancing instructor, 





Computer Training For Bergen County NJ Residents 


      Tutoring Services, LLC helps high school, college, university and adult students in Bergen and Westchester County New York area who are trying to become IT computer networking gurus obtain internships, help students with job resume, job placement and provides students with IT Computer Training. If student is trying to become Cisco Certified Network Expert or simply trying to get some hands experience, or needs help in computer programming or want to learn computer skills then our company can help for every day life then we can help. 

     We have subject matter experts in Ridgefiled Park, Palisades Park, Bogota, Teaneck, Leonia, Englewood, Fort Lee, Paramus, Fair lawn, Glen Rock, Saddle Brook and other areas of Bergen County NJ and Westchester County NY who can train students in PHP language, Java, C++, Ethical Hacking, Network Enginering, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment and anything related to IT Network Infrastructure, Web Development and project management.    

           Our IT Training program is designed to get students in the door, and help students prepare for their computer science subjects, or learn skills that no other tutoring can provide, we are partnered with IT Networking Field experts who can help students get hands on experience in IT Computer Networking.  We can help students prepare for major vendor certifications, and can help students get in the door of IT field.  We even offer internships to students who qualify our requirements to work on real IT Programming or Computer Networking Projects with real IT experts.

Intended Audience

College, Undegrade, Graduate
Adults and even high school students

Computer Training for Adults Looking to enhance their skill set learn how to use Internet or simply become more computer literate

       Our company specializes not only in match making subject matter experts helping students become subject matter experts, but also offers Adult computer training to help adults prepare for job interveiew.  Want to learn how to use Microsoft Applications efficiently Excel, Word Power Point, Microsoft Project or any other computer program to help you run your business more efficiently or even if you simply need to prepare for job interview and need to brush up on applications that you simply not sure how to use,  then we have the computer expert at your footsteps who can train you directly in Ridgefiled Park, Palisades Park, Bogota, Teaneck, Leonia, Englewood, Fort Lee, Paramus, Fair lawn, Glen Rock, Saddle Brook and other areas of Bergen county. 

       To get qualified subject matter expert to help you with your computer struggles, contact the phone number on the top right corner. Additionally to IT Training we offer IT Consulting for small, medium business and enterprise companies specifically in Westchester County New York.  Companies interested in ou in our IT Solutions and Services click here. Our IT Services are ranging from computer programming, app development, Project management, network design, and support. 


Private/Local Mathematics help in Bergen County NJ and Westchester County NY from Professional Basic AP Algebra/Pre-Calc/Geometry Instructors

     We realize math can be difficult why not have our local instructors help?  Our instructors are professional subject matter experts and some are even certified math teachers for the state of New Jersey, CT or NY.  No matter what your math question is, our instructors can help you understand it, solve it and be able to explain it to student complex mathematics problems.  Ensure that when you pick professional local math tutor in Ridgefiled Park, Palisades Park, Bogota, Teaneck, Leonia, Englewood, Fort Lee, Paramus, Fair lawn, Glen Rock, Saddle Brook, that you read their profiles carefully.  Some of our instructors, even have some tutorials, worksheets and articles associated with their profiles, differentiating themselves from others. Some even provide sneak preview of what type of learning instructions to expect. 

      Our instructors have pictures, videos associated with their profile and even practice tests.  Some even offer diagnostic practice tests to be taken prior to enrolling into tutoring sessions with them, just to get an idea of where students are in their studies.  Here are just some of the math topics out local home tutors can help students cover.





Our Elementary/Middle/High School Level Math Tutors for Grades 1-5, 6-8, 9-12  can help students in NY and NJ students using the following academic principles

#1   Motviate students by helpig them complete worksheets and reinforcement exercies

#2   Prepare students for academic subject by making math and science fun.

#3.  Get students to learn concepts and techniques using best study skills principles

#4   Request students to do their school homework and check student's homework

#5   Work with teachers to review school curriculum to stay in sync with school assignments

#6   Provide tests and quizes during each session reinforicing student's knowlege

Be sure when talking to individual tutor to ensure that your local home tutor follows these principles prior to hiring one.

Can't afford a local tutor in Bergen County? Why not find math tutors online!

mathtutor on social media-easy-marketing-on-facebook-for-NY-Tutors


Compare Paramus, Hackensack, River Edge, Fort Lee, Teaneck tutors Side by Side and chose the Best Subject Matter Expert for your son or daughter!

Whether you are looking for AP English, Physics, Math, General Science, Honors Biology or Organic Chemistry we got you covered. Since we allow tutors to choose their own price when advertising themselves, students can select from the list of tutors and compare tutors side by side, to pick the best subject matter expert at most affordable price. We are the only company who offers tutoring services for students in Bergen County NJ Westchester County NY and Fairfield County CT and nearby areas who provides functionality for parent to choose their best tutor using side by side comparison and being able to name their own price, thereby giving all the necessary tools for parents to select the right candidate.


Academic Books | Study Guides | School Ratings and Home| Online Tutors all from a single Website!

We are the only tutoring company who doesn’t just help students with match making student with the right tutor localy in New Jersey or online or by phone, but also help students with finding more affordable alternative method to home tutoring all from a single website! We help students find the right method of studying rather than simply relying on private tutor to explain every single concept and detail. The way it works is simple, student can browse our website and simply select subject they are interested in and view Tutors, Books and study guides relevant to that subject from a single page. We believe education should be affordable and therefore, we created flexibility for students to study not only with the help of a private home tutor, but also be able to study with the help of a study guide, or academic textbook for their school, college or university. Students can select local home tutor in Westchester County NY or nearby areas, sort by location, select most affordable subject matter expert or select online tutor. Students or Student Parents therefore can have multiple options to choose from.




Local and Online Test prep for Teachers in the State of NJ, CT and NY

Teachers of NY test Prep program Yonkers-New Rochelle-Sleepy-Hollow-White-Plains-Scarsdale

Helping students prepare for their mid-term and Final exam by match making them with the right tutor is not the only area of expertise that we specialize in, we also help high school and elementary and middle school educators prepare for their teaching certification exam to become certified teachers for the state of Connecticut or NY and be able not only to teach in the state of CT, but also offer tutoring services and increase their level of qualification and get higher paying jobs in academic and tutoring industry. We specialize in study guide creation in Praxis 2 subjects, as well as other teaching certification exam subjects for the state of CT and NY and can help teachers not only prepare for the exam with the help of the study guide, but also help teachers prepare with the help of an online tutor and the study guide or local tutor.

 Combination of test prep from our recommended and created study guides with the help of a professional tutor in Westchester County NY area can surely increase educator’s chances of becoming certified teacher for the state of Connecticut or NY. So if you are a teacher and need help why not contact us today to help you prepare for your Praxis 2 Exam if you live in CT or NY State test if you live in NY or both (if you want to be certified in both states).


Example of our test prep product course designed for Biology Teachers in NJ and CT state!


Solutions for Teachers and Subject Matter Experts looking for work

Interested in making money tutoring other students in Bergen County NJ and Westchester County NY?  Why not join Tutoring Services, LLC as independent contractor and help students learn academic subjects, be advertised on network of sites and drive from home to home delivering high quality tutoring instructions?  If intersted contact us to apply at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Online and Local Homework Help and Test Prep for Students k-12 and Adults Alpine, Norwood, Rockleigh, Northvale, Old Tappan, Harrington Park, Closter, Haworth, Cresskill

Looking for a tutor in Alpine, Norwood, Rockleigh, Northvale, Old Tappan, Harrington Park, Closter, Haworth, Cresskill? Our educators can help not only with the math and English elementary homework help but with standardized test preparation. We can help students with ISEE, ACT,P/SAT, Praxis 1, 2, GRE, GMAT, SAT, MCAT, MTEL, CSET, FTCE test prep. We offer midterm and final exam prep for academic subjects in geometry, algebra, biology, and chemistry in various cities as well as preparation for GED, ESL, TOEFL and other exams, to view full list of study guides and other types of exams visit this link. Using combination of both tutor and collection of our recommended study guide materials we can help your son or daughter prepare for their test and succeed in school. If local tutoring help is too expensive and you simply cannot afford educational expenses, then why not search on our site for online tutors.

Online subject matter experts are more affordable then local subject matter experts and can still help your child do better in school. Visit CallMyTutor.COM to search for online tutor today!  Alternatively you can call us on the phone number at the top right corner to help you get matched with local tutor in Bergen Couny New Jersey.  


School’s Admin and Department Head Teaching Job Placement Services for Bergen County Schools

Does your High school math or science department need help in advertising teaching job or substitute teaching position somewhere around the area of Westchester County or nearby areas? If so we got you covered! Tutoring Services, LLC specializes not only in English, Math and Science homework help for students in grades k-12 and college and adult levels, but we also help School Administrators free of charge post teaching job advertisements! How do we do that?

We have collection of local tutoring sites all over Bergen County NJ, Fairfield and Westchester as well as New Haven counties as well as social media sites such as,, and subject tutoring based sites such as ChemistTutors.NET and sites like and many other sites where with a minimum effort your Teaching Job Ad can be posted Free of Charge in a teaching job section similarly to what you see in the RSS feed section of the teaching jobs sub-page of this site

No other Tutoring Agency in Bergen county would be willing to do anything like this FREE of Charge, but we can because we have a network of educational sites tailored specifically to target, educational niche sector where teachers, professors, students would be visiting. We offer this teaching job placement service free of charge to School Department Heads!

Simply contact us from the number above in the top right corner or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your teaching job description and we will post it for you FREE of charge on our teacher jobs blogs page and on other network of sites! This will help school increase student marketing exposure; surely as a school administrator, there are other things you can do besides searching for places to post your job at! (Especially if your school is in Bergen County NJ or Westchester County NY or Fairfield County CT)  

The reason why we are giving this opportunity to schools FREE charge is because we are hoping that our company can work closely with schools, in Bergen county NJ area providing reliable home tuoring services in Alpine, Norwood, Rockleigh, Northvale, Old Tappan, Harrington Park, Closter, Haworth, Cresskill and other regions, in exchange for helping out school administrators improve student enrollment numbers and school rankings.


School Admins! Increase your School | College | University or Training Center with School’s Ratings Site!

School admins can increase school’s exposure, increase school’s chances of admitting more students into their school and increase school’s overall reputation. How do we do that? We have created a website called RateMySchool.NET that allows school administrators, teachers and professors to sign up and get rated by other students, for students and parents to see school and professor/teacher ratings and being able to see reviews of other student’s and make decision whether that particular school is good for them to attend, or if they should even bother taking one teacher’s class as oppose to another. School admins and department heads can simply register themselves and join school they like and post teaching job for other teachers registered in that school or specific department in NJ or city or set of cities to see, plus advertise their school and improve school’ image. Additionally teachers and professors can register and see other teacher’s ratings also, students can add teachers into specific school and join schools.

School Administrators can post teaching jobs directly in their school or in nearby area by city, state, county for separate paid fee, different from our overall Free Teaching Job offer for school administrators, but helpful for school administrators helping them increase school’s identity, reputation, be able to get notified when someone rates school received free school homework help folder print outs and be able to join schools. Visit RateMySchool.NET for more info.

Tutoring Services, LLC Going green helping Bergen County Sudents save money on college Books

Tutoring Services


Tutoring Services, LLC is going GREEN allowing students in colleges and universities prepare for upcoming school year. Attending College or University in Bergen Couny NJ or nearby areas?  If so, then why not save some money on your college textbooks by reusing your old university textbooks? Why not take advantage of affordable college textbooks by purchasing books directly from other college and university students directly avoiding the middle man and saving money on expensive academic books? Tutoring Services, LLC is not just all about match making students with reliable teachers, but we are also about promoting affordable education, and helping environment stay green!

We created UsedCollegeBooks.NET site that helps students on campus simply make money or save money by selling their textbooks directly to other students or purchase textbooks from other students directly, avoiding expensive shipping fees and middle man! Our site allows students to register free of charge and post advertisement of their book in their school, or see how much the book is worth and sell it online! Alternatively students can buy college textbooks from cheapest bookstores or rent them online! Why spend more then you have to? When you don’t have to! Visit UsedCollegeBooks.NET for more details and help us save the environment!

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